Sign my guestbook OR I'LL PEE IN YOUR BUTT. (@_@)


9:16pm 01-01-2017
Hi Len
do you love me
do you remember me
you know me in heaven
and will you cry
when i die
in your bedroom
and squeal
like a piggy pie
please don't lie
to me
oh tell me
you will answer my calls
in the night
it's not right
to pretend i'm not there
when all that i do
is care
8:18am 01-05-2016
10:27pm 03-24-2015
Hi Len I just want to say HI. Do you remember me, Winky? We met in Toronto. You need to come back here again, Len!
7:38pm 01-22-2015
Wilbert E. Clark III
My name is Wilbert E. Clark III and I live in Johnstown, PA! I'm a homosexual dude. I like dick. I like the black penis below in the photo, but I wish it was inside a man's ass hole instead of that icky old female. YUCK. Did I mention that my name is Wilbert E. Clark III and I'm fucking gayer than shit is??? Well, there you go. 9/11 was an inside job, homos!
12:14am 01-12-2015
Pooter Valley
12:10am 01-12-2015
Wet Butt
Will you pee in my butt, even though I signed your guestbook? I'm gayer than shit, Len. I need man piss in my man hole. Fuck it, dogg. Piss in it and fuck it. Your comedy is funny I like your style Len.
3:32pm 11-30-2014
Penis Breath Bastard
I come here to jack off
9:39pm 01-31-2014
Sam Gutosky
10:42pm 06-12-2013
Buttsex Comptrolla
Hey O what up my nigga Len! I enjoy your comedy. I am living in fear that you gonna come roll up on me and pee in my butt. So I am signing your guestbook for the record - do not attempt to pee in my butt. If you want to put me in a bathtub, completely nude, with an erection, you can aim right at my ball sack and just fucking start unloading all over it, just fucking pissing all over my nut sack, it will feel so good to have that warm urine, the Urine of Len, splashing my genitalia and resulting in making out with you while you finger my anus until I ejaculate. I think that sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon.

Len, you got all kinds of people coming here to see you.

You are a leader of men, a true visionary.

Lesser mortals flock to your flowing robes and cal out, "Mercy!"

Gay dudes imagine your cock gagging their throats, and drooling out your semen.

Women want you to impregnate them immediately while telling them how fat they are.

Len, you can really have a chance here to take off into space with your fame and comedy. Be not satisfied to lurk in the darkness of the comedy club any longer. It is high time you got your own television show. You need a sitcom, Lenny K. You can call it "Yen for Len" or "Len Gonna Rape Ya Momma" or something. Whatever it is, you should do it. You could have Hollywood bitches sucking your cock all the time. When you are getting coffee. And you would have cars to drive. SO listen to me, you mother fucker, you fucking clown you, YOU, LEN, YOU!!! Listen close as I whisper in your ear. I am whispering - "Sitcom."
6:19pm 06-01-2013
Pee Inside My Butt
Replied on: 3:10pm 06-03-2013

Mom? Is that you? (@_@)

12:04am 03-01-2013
Never Alone W/Jesus
The Christ Child would heavily disapprove of the content of your fans messages on your guestbook here, Mr. Kennedy, Esq. Seek the light of the Jesus One, for he bringeth fruit and ye may feast on it and the dove descends, Satan is locked up, but the heathens and non-believers with their Porno is gross, and as a good Christian I try hard not to touch myself in an unholy manner, but some of the posts below made me sin in the eyes of our Lord. Remove them before other lonely Christian men find them and have tear-jerking orgasms, sometimes tasting the seed so it may not toucheth the ground and spread wickedness. I recycle.
Replied on: 3:18pm 06-03-2013

Damn, I need to check this more often. I think this is the first time I've checked my guestbook this year. I feel so loved.

11:53pm 02-28-2013
Bitch Killa
WHAT UP LEN YOU SICK-ASS MOTHER FUCK!!!!! You hella cute in dat picture homeboy. Can you tell the difference when you close your eyes, if your penis is on the inside of a man's ass, or a woman's? Because I can. The texture is similar to the casual observer but to the trained dick, it is a vast universe of difference. And in my ass? I prefer flesh and blood COCK to them plastic dildongdadarians that crazy niggas be tryin' to do my butt with. Can you tell the age of the guy by sucking on his peeny ween? I can't, not yet. I train hard daily, brotha, daily.
8:20pm 01-28-2013
Oh Len, how I wish I was
a hen
to your
fuckin' a poodle
serve me up a warm Cup A
I'm a chicken
and you are the rooster
you own my life and I
hold Satanic rituals for you,
Len I want to use you like
a pen
on my paper
in the henhouse
or the Len house
more like a den
to get fucked in this den
by Len
makes me happy
and my

Thank you for reading my poem. I'm gonna put lots of my poems up cause they are all about Len and he's a sweet guy and God Dammit he's great, so many poems, it's all I do!!!
10:55pm 01-26-2013
Vanessa Is Depressa
Getting sad, Lennie. I'm in a pickle, not like last time the pickle was in me (thanks you jerk.) Remember Lennie? That time. Remember Tittie time? That time, you know, that I breastfed you. You drank all my milk. My daughter is screaming, hysterical and out of control, she needs the milk but it's gone and I can't make any more, it's crazy, I have tried everything. Not even a drop, Lennie. So I hope you enjoyed yourself, and had yourself some fun, you jerk. I asked you please don't drink all of it, and you just suckled and slurped fucking loud as fucking shit Len! I said, leave some for Annabelle's Cheeri-o's tomorrow, didn't I? Now we have to go to the store and my daughter has to drink the milk of a fucking degenerate-ass cow, Len, not her succulent fucking mother's milk, but some faggot bovine slut stuck full of hormones and shit so Anna's going to grow a goddamn beard. Dammit Len, what's this Esq. shit? You isn't no Esq. of a damn thing, except this big pussy I got you like to slobber on. Pee in my butt baby, just next time save some goddamn milk in the tit ok? I'm not letting you leave the hotel next time until I check the tit for milk, got it?
10:40pm 01-26-2013
Nate the Hate
I haven't had any heroin for 2 WEEKS. Pretty gay. But I'm feeling buttloads better after withdrawals finally over. That part sucked hella wicked dick. So now I am on a Suboxone maintenance, kind of like methadone. While I was shooting up during my habit there was once that I didn't jack off for about 2 months . Absolutely a world record for longest time period without ejaculation for me, except a few wet dreams, wake up with busted-ass jizzum spoo all in my shorts. For a 31 year old male that used to fuck his bitch 4 to 5 times a day, fellows, that attests to the greatness of heroin. Truly heroische, indeed. Shooting heroin took the place of stuffing and yanking the dick in and out of various pussy holes and butts. That needle sliding in, and the blood, it was amazing, and the rush when the dope hits the blood-brain barrier, diacetylmorphine converting back to morphine, and I lost my job and that was fine, I had stopped drinking too and I used to drink so much alcohol that my liver one day held a press conference and paid some Chinks to pee in my butt. So it's already happened to me, Len. Your threat provokes neither fear nor respect, but I do salute you for being honest. Pissing into another human being's gaping, open, weeping anus hole is a fucking incredible thrill, dude. Get to it bro, pee in dem buttz, pee in da buttocks hole of da nonbeliever, the non-signer of yo mothafuckin guestbook. Those ruffians shall meet due diligence, given passage of time, and meet thine with rectums engorged with the Urine of Lem.
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