Sign my guestbook OR I'LL PEE IN YOUR BUTT. (@_@)


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10:48pm 04-24-2012
2:09am 03-23-2011
Travis Barkhoff
Len Kennedy! Whats up! Yeah, I just signed your guestbook because I'm cool like that
3:44pm 12-08-2010
Matt Butler
Hi Len.
10:58am 12-08-2010
Theodore Kennedy
I finally wandered over to your page...
10:04am 12-08-2010
David (Zipper) Coe
What can I say? TMI but entertaining, too.
Would you consider using my version of your picture? It does seem to indicate the "inner Lenken"

Nice job, Leonardo...
9:19am 12-08-2010
things are no longer the same without you len.
9:10am 12-08-2010
Aric Shepard
Anal mints anybody??
8:11am 12-08-2010
Please don't use a funnel when you pee in my butt this time.
7:58am 12-08-2010
Please use a funnel when you pee in my butt this time.
7:52am 12-08-2010
Hi! We are now down to 7 students. :/
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